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Radio Frequency Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Body Reshaping

PureSkin Lab's RF body contouring assists with slimming as well as firming, tightening, smoothing and refreshing skin all in one session. Our Radio Frequency fat burning treatments replace our body wraps as the new, better way to lose weight and feel better because of the simultaneous skin tightening effect the treatments produce.

So if you are struggling with weight loss, cellulite, loose or baggy skin, stretch marks, or you simply want to iron out creases in your skin, then Radio Frequency treatments are for you.

How do RF Treatments work?

For weight loss, our specialised quadropolar body shaper uses Radio Frequency waves to soften fat cell walls and induce lipolysis – the “melting” of triglycerides into free fatty acids. These acids are released into the blood stream which your body can use as energy, so a great way to dramatically increase the effect is to perform some mild exercise immediately after each RF session.

The treatments also mildly stimulate the lymphatic system to improve waste removal. Treatments can target specific problem areas. The result: a slimmer, trimmer and more beautiful figure.

Another benefit is that, unlike exercise alone, treatments are targetted, meaning that lypolises is induced in specific problem areas. Your body can burn the calories released into your blood from your treated area. The RF treatments' local heating also stimulates collagen production that can result in smoother, firmer and tighter skin. Stretch marks and scars are often noticeably improved too.

PureSkin's RF slimming treatments are non-invasive and painless and feel similar to a warm massage. No recovery time is required. Treatment sessions can be as often as twice per week.

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