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Body Wraps

BIOMINCEUR Strong Formulas, Fast Results

An Absolute Revolution in Body Wraps!
Biominceur is a new Slimming Program from south of France. In clinical trials the Biominceur Body Wrap has been shown to dramatically decrease the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 67% in less than 4 weeks.

It targets cellulite, fat, burns calories, enhances weight loss and slims, firms and tones producing fabulous visible long lasting results from first treatment

One of the strongest professional products available, it is packed full of essential oils, plant and algae extracts and caffeine resulting in a wide range of additional therapeutic benefits which includes improving the appearance of varicose veins & stretch marks and is proven to have an impact on collagen structure and connective tissue.

Biominceur uniquely uses both hot and cold thermo agents which stimulates the draw of fluid into the capillaries and the absorption of fatty acids and subsequent transport of fat causes the “orange peel” appearance to disappear. The thermo agents stimulate fat burning therefore reducing adipose tissue as well as stimulating the lymphatic system.

Biominceur improves Circulation and Metabolism of Fat Cells, reduces the feeling of “Heavy “Legs and has anti-Inflammatory Properties

98% of women saw dramatic improvement of “orange peel” skin with a reduction of cellulite in just two weeks. 100% of women observed a decrease of 1 to 4 cm around their waist.

The program consists of a Salon Body Wrap and Home Care products.
Application requires no Fuss, no Mess, no in spa shower and is easy to use. It is a non Compression, Bandage Free Wrap

Detox Base 1000 ml Professional use - The DETOX BASE is for professional use only. This anti-bacterial gel has an antiperspirant and detox effect. It is used in particular for slimming, detoxifying and increasing the circulation

Active Slim Gel 1000 ml Professional use - Dramatically reduce cellulite and unsightly fatty deposits. It has slimming effects and acts on skin’s firmness.

Active Slim Cream 500 ml 17 oz Professional use - Reduces fat and cellulite from the thighs, buttocks, stomach, waist and arms. It also enhances weight loss, improves appearance of varicose veins and helps with stretch marks.

Ultra Slim Effect - An excellent Slimming and Anti Cellulite treatment. It reduces the feeling of “heavy” legs, Improves Circulation and is a good Anti-inflammatory.

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